Australian Shepherds With Epilepsy

My 6 year old blue merle has had epilepsy since she was a year old and was wondering what anyone knows about this. She has some very bad seizures and is on alot of medications for the control of them. Sometimes she just walks around the room in a catatonic mode.

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Aussie with seizures
by: Anne

I am sorry you and your ausssie have had to deal with this. This is a problem in our breed right now.
I have a lot to tell you and maybe some avenues for help. Please e-mail me privately and I will do all I can to help you.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

so sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for both you and your boy. we had a boy, Luke, who also had terrible seizures due to epilepsy.He developed it at age two, and lived to be five. for him, it had to do with his Liver(no trauma to the head, not food allergies, since we fed him only grain free, holistic food) It is fairly common in the breed, I'm sad to say,but not all will have it.

There is a website you can look into it, its called Toby's foundation.
I really hope and pray your boy will somehow beat this.

by: Anonymous

So sorry for you and your girl. We had an Aussie mix who started having started having petit and grand mal seizures around age 2 and continued until she was about 13. She was thankfully seizure free the last several years of her life (she lived to be almost 17). We chose not to medicate her, but did have some success controlling her seizures once we learned some of her triggers - flashlights, sudden loud noises and being startled from a deep sleep were the main ones we could control. I feel for you and wish you luck dealing with this.

Australian Shepherds with Epilepsy
by: Eva G

My Aussie/Collie mix began having seizures this year at the age of 2. One day of 5 seizures convinced me to go ahead and put him on phenobarbital and potassium bromide. He has been seizure-free since. Took a while to get him used to the medications, but for me it was well worth the re-training and consistent reassurance it took to have my Tbone back. His initial seizures the first day were environmentally produced (sudden loud noises during sleep), but the subsequent ones were not. My vet said that seizures are actually common in many dogs. I wish you luck with your dog. It is possible for the dog to have a fairly normal, healthy life.
Toby's Foundation is another great resource.

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