Bad Behavior/Eating Cats!

by Sue "Krash"
(Shingle Springs, CA, USA)

If an Aussie wants to eat your cats, can you train that behavior out of him? If so, how? Will you ever be able to trust your dog alone with the cats?

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by: Anonymous

I say the following with trepidation for I truly think this should be the only use for a particular piece of equipment and I fear that you might be tempted to use it for other training. With that said, here goes: If all else fails and the dog is truly a danger to the cats, you can make him afraid to bother them by using a shock collar for just this one thing. You will have to buy one of the collars and then use it and hopefully get rid of it afterwards. If you use it, do so just as he touches the cat... or even better just as the cat takes a swat at him. One zap may be sufficient to put the fear of cat in him, or it may take a few repetitions. He hopefully will think it is coming from the cat.

Eating Cats
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't trust my aussie... she kills everything that comes into the yard (except dogs). She kills the ferral cats that come out from the woods, along with mice, moles, ground hogs, turtles, and birds.

Eating cats
by: Anonymous

Don't be afraid of a shock collar... I have one for each of my dogs. It is better to shock them then it is for them to get hit by a car.

The dog is too smart
by: Anonymous

You can use a shock collar, but the Aussie is too smart. They can tell the difference between the shock collar and regular collars. You can try to socialize them, but at the end of the day, I can't trust my Aussie alone with the cat. It's just not worth it.

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