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Barking And Rushing People/Other Dogs

by Hannah

I have a (around) 7 month old Australian Shepherd mix pup. She’s so sweet and pretty but I’m having problems with her rushing people/dogs and barking constantly when I take her outside.

She slips out of her harness and runs off. Super fast so no hope in me catching her until she’s ready lol. I know she’s sweet and just wants to say hi/play but other people do not.

I don’t blame them because from her behavior I would probably be cautious of a dog running up to me too. I don’t live in the best environment for her (exercise wise) but I try to take her to the country a couple days a week where she runs free with other dogs for HOURS.

We train a lot inside to keep her entertained. She’s fine inside but as soon as we go outside, she goes insane.

I’m just scared she’s going to get off her cable (which she broke this morning) and get ran over. I try walking her on a leash but she pulls hard and starts bucking like a horse to get out of her harness. I’m sure my neighbors are tired of her being a wild child too.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried everything except a shock collar and I really don’t want to do that.

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Aussie pulling leash etc
by: Anonymous

I use a Gentle Leader. It works excellent. It controls the head while on leash. I used phrase and treats to train mine to the gentle leader. No more pulling or lunging at other dogs or people. It does not hurt the dog. It just controls the head which in turn controls the whole dog. Mine went from pulling me like he was pulling a sled, and me pulling back like tug of war, to walking so easy I could just use three fingers to hold the leash. He knows about 25 commands or more now and he listens so good now. Mine just turned 6 months old.
Hope this helps. Don’t give up...
(Gentle Leaders are used for walking dog and training)

Consistent training
by: Marie Gray

My Aussie is 9 now. I almost took him back to the breeder when he was 8 month old.
We went though a trainer for 8 weeks... 2hours a week.... 20 minutes a day... I learned how to communicate with him and he is the best and most obedient dog I’ve ever had... they are the smartest breed.
I also have an underground electric fence and he wears a collar that tells him when he’s about to get zapped! He has one acre to roam around and he get to run two miles most everyday.
But he still barks at everything that goes by the road!!!!! You need to get a professional trainer you will never regret it. My trainer used the method Walt Disney trainers use...
Good luck. Your baby is worth it and so are you.

Eager aussie
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you have a wild child! It took me a long time to get my boy to accept the leash, like a year or more! He would jump up, grab it try to pull it out of my hand - it is typical Aussie puppy behaviour I think. Your girl has a lot of enthusiasm and it takes patience and lots of training to channel that. I would put a stronger collar on her, like a Starmark, so you have some control, and make her sit beside you for a minute when you get outside, lots of treats when she behaves quietly. Puppy classes work really well for these dogs, and will give you some support as well.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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