Barking At Ball

by John
(Wilkeson, Wa.)

Several times a day I go out in the yard to play 'herd the ball' with my Aussie. She has two that she loves... one a jolly ball and the other is a hard plastic about size of a basketball. The hard one is her favorite and she will herd it around and end up bringing it to my feet for us to tussle over.

After a bit of time the ball will end somewhere and she will go over and bark at it. And bark, and bark, and bark. The ball isn't stuck. It might be 6 inches in front of her face. Cute at first but gets annoying and the neighbors haven't complained but can't be something they want to hear all the time.

I've tried the "no" commands, encouraging her to "get it" etc, without success.

The last thing I've tried is taking it away and she will always look where I put it but will then play with her jolly ball which she does not bark at... maybe because she can pick it up and carry it around, which she can't do with the other ball.

Any suggestions to stop the barking behavior? Enclosed picture of her with ball while she is barking at it.

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Barking at Ball
by: Tom

My little Guy loves his beach ball.... he has been barking at it since a puppy to get you to kick it so he can chase it..... he started off with a small rubber ball and worked his way up to a full size beach ball..... the ball is bigger than he is and he just love chasing it and hitting it with his nose.

no longer using this ball
by: Anonymous MrJohn

I've had to stop using the ball she barks at because she has several cracked teeth and this ball is hard and the only thing I can think of that would cause cracked teeth. She now just gets her Jolly Balls which she also loves but aren't hard.

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