Barking At Grandson

We rescued a Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix when she was about 10 mos old and is now 7 yrs old. She will bark and sound mean when people or other animals are either on or near our property or are walking in the street, which we don't mind. We'll tell her to be nice and she'll usually stop.

When ever our grandson is over and either wakes up from a nap, starts to make the smallest noise or starts to cry, she will start barking and not stop. We have tried to isolate her in another room; we've tried spraying her with water; we've tried putting her outside, but she just won't stop until the baby settles down again. What would be the reason and how can we stop this from happening?

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barking aussie
by: nancy

My guess is when you grandson shows dress be it a cry,etc the dog barks to let you know. They are herding dogs. So when something is wrong with the kids they think their job is to bark and make you aware. Aussie are extremely protective, sensitive and loving. Mine does the same thing out of nervousness. (not understanding) a particular noise we humans make. I've been told to ignore it. Might work for you. Hasn't worked yet for me. Mine barks at everything inside/outside the house. Good luck! Nancy

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