Barking Aussie

by Tom O
(Annapolis, MD)

We adopted a two year Aussie about 9 months ago - he has really bonded well with us - give him plenty of walks, runs, and car trips. The issue is the more comfortable he gets in the surroundings the more "verbal" he gets.

For inside alert barking we use "enough" - seems to work well - but let him outside and anyone - even the nicest of neighbors and he needs to bark. Do not want to always be going outside for his outside time. Suggestions?

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mine too
by: Dan

My Aussie is the same way. She barks at everyone she sees wether we are in my jeep or walking through the halls at my apartment. Although for some crazy reason she never barks at anyone we see when we are out in the woods hiking trails and she never barks at the the people we encounter in the dog park...

Trainer Trick
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my Aussie at about that age. Our trainer suggested squirting him with a water bottle. I was skeptical because he loves to swim... but it worked like a charm! It just changes his focus long enough so he quiets down. I rarely use it now... it took about 3 weeks to totally break the habit. Good Luck!

bad barker
by: candy

i have a 7mth old aussie named scrappydoo and 2 other dogs one is a fox teirrer and a jack all boys fixed . when a sound hits there ears wow it gets loud in this trailor . so one night i was washing dishes and scrappydoo started barking so i took some water and splashed it on him and he stopped barking ,so i told my hubby and he got me a water gun and now every time he goes to the window he looks at me first and all i have to do is show him my big blue water gun and say noo noo lol ! i never thought that would have worked.

thanks guys!
by: Dan

The water gun technique is working wonders. I have only been using it for about two weeks but when Sadie (my Aussie) starts up, like when someone drops by my place, I just squirt her a few times and she calms down quickly. It's wierd because I can squirt her with a hose and she loves it, she also loves to swim but the water gun freaks her out it seems. It's only been two weeks but there has been a couple times I went and got the gun and didnt even have to use it, she saw it and calmed down. I was at my wits end trying to resolve this issue and would not resort to a shock collar, I just couldn't put one of those on her. To anyone reading this trust me guys the squirt gun works! I am getting another to keep in my glove box and one for my backpack when we are out and about. I have no doubt after a little more time I wont even need to use it anymore.

50% success rate
by: Meghan

The water spritzer works on one of our Aussies but not the other. He just continues barking but then everything is soaking wet. Nothing has worked with him, spray collar doesn't phase him and the bark collar didn't work either (which once upon a time I swore I would never use, which should tell you how bad it is.).

They were Bred to Bark
by: Sjh

Original bred to protect homestead- it is their job - while Fathee was out in the fields working-

Good Luck

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