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How to train this kind of dog on barking problems?

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by: Nonnie

Aussies are protective. We have two females; Bailee and Maggie. I am a stay at home mom. There are times when I want our Aussie to bark, i.e. there is a stranger at the door, an unknown person comes into my yard, etc.

We worked on this behavior with our PetSmart trainer. She has helped immensely with our Aussies in many, many situations. I highly recommend the trainers at PetSmart.

This is what we are working on: When the doorbell rings Bailee barks. Maggie may bark or she may just watch Bailee bark. :~) If the person at the door is not known to me, I don't answer and I just let her bark. If the person at the door is a delivery person or someone we know, I tell her "leave it". If she stops barking the first time I say "leave it", she gets lots of praise and a small treat. We usually use the sample packs of dog food that we get at shows, and just give them one or two morsels.

This works really well for instances where we are not going to open the door. It is harder when it is a delivery person and we are still working on that. I expect it to work in those situations also.

We work on many commands every day. Aussies are extremely intelligent and want to please.

Good Luck

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