Barking When People Come to Visit

by Kathleen
(Salem, MA)

My dog, Max, is a 10 year old mini Aussie - great, great dog, but why does he single out one of my friends and bark at him? Also, lately he occasionally barks at me. Like he's trying to tell me/us something.

Max is very communicative - for example, he knows when it's the 4 o'clock dinner time and always comes over to me and starts "talking" his Aussie talk. It's like he's saying, "Hey, it's supper time, did you forget?"

What's this communicative barking all about? And how do I get him to chill out so we can watch a movie or whatever?

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Aussie Talk
by: Maria

I have two Aussies, sisters. One is very vocal. At times, it's funny and cute and then, I agree, sometimes it's not so cute. I would be interested to see any remarks about this...

having a similar issue
by: Anonymous

I am having a similar issue. we just rescued a 4 year old Aussie from the humane society. There are 5 people in our house (2 guys, 3 girls) She absolutely adores my fiance and I and wants to be by our side all the time. She likes the other two girls but is not as attached as she is to my fiance and I (she is our dog, the two of us visited her at the shelter for 2-3 hours a day everyday for a week before bringing her home). But she is so wary of our other male roommate. everytime he turns is back and starts to leave the room she jumps up and barks at him. Why has she singled him out and what can we do to correct it?

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