by Debbie Alegria
(Discovery Bay, CA.)

I have 3 Aussies. Bear (front right) only barks if there is a real threat. Ozzie (in the back) barks at anything and everything. Maggie (front left) barks when Ozzie barks. I've tried everything. It's so crazy at our house they bark if one of us comes down the stairs, if we have company over they bark everytime company gets up to move around!!! Any noise will set the two off. Any ideas on how to stop the 2 Aussies from barking all the time?

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by: Anonymous

Try a spray bottle with water and little bit vinegar. Be firm say quit or something like that. Do not be shy to use it. It will not hurt them.

by: Nonnie

We have a nine-year-old teacup poodle, Lacey, who never barked until my son got his Jack Russell. That was about six years ago. Now that she is older she barks at her shadow. We added two Aussies 18 months ago, Bailee and Maggie. The barking increased. Now we have added a Maltese, Sugar, who is seven-months-old.

Lacey is the "alpha" dog, but Bailee is dominant over Maggie and Sugar. If Bailee barks, they all bark! We have started saying "leave it" when Bailee first starts to bark. If she stops at only one bark or immediately after we have said leave it she gets a small treat. We just keep a small Ziplock with kibble nearby. It took only a few days for her to realize what was happening.

Sometimes we want all if them to bark, ie a stranger at the
door, etc. It has started to work quite well.

It might be worth a try for you also.

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