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Baxter Blue

by Leann



I have always liked Aussie's and was lucky enough to acquire one from a farm where I worked 14 years ago. She was a great dog and the best family dog we ever had. When we moved to our own farm several years ago I decided to get another Aussie and figured our old girl might enjoy the company of another Aussie. In entered Baxter Blue the most adorable pup and what a cracker jack he was. He was smart as a whip, just like our other Aussie and the two of them became the best of play buddies.

I decided to try agility with Baxter as he had lots of energy and really liked doing different things for me. So, we started training and all was going well until he developed epilepsy and our whole world changed overnight. It was really hard at the initial onset as I had no idea what to expect or how we'd get his seizures under control. So, Baxter and I just took each day one-by-one.

I read alot about epilepsy and spent alot of time going back and forth to the vet. I learned alot and continued to train Baxter as best I could. The drugs he takes have side effects and limit his ability to compete in agility, but I continue to let him play with some of the agility equipment and make it so he doesn't injure himself. He is such a trooper and loves anything we do together.

We've always known he was a special pup, but I never knew just how much until recently. I had Baxter to see a neurologist and while there another client came into the lobby. This person had just put their dog to sleep. Baxter went right up to him and looked him square in the face with the most gentle expression. He got so close to him I thought he might climb right into his lap. The gentlemen simply wrapped his arms around Baxter and gave him this big hug. And my Baxter just set there so silent and quiet accepting this stranger. I had never seen anything like that. It was amazing and even the vet couldn't believe what he had seen. It was like Baxter knew exactly what this person needed, one gigantic Aussie hug. That gentlemen left the office feeling much better thanks to Baxter. Sometimes it just amazes me how intuitive this boy can be.

I'm happy to report that Baxter is now 6 years old and doing well on his meds. He has slowed down quite a bit, but is one of the most amazing dogs I've ever owned. I don't think Baxter has met a person yet that he didn't win over with his Aussie lovin'. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog in my life.

Comments for Baxter Blue

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The Spirit of Love
by: Jackie B

I loved your story about Baxter Blue. I adopted a one and a half year old Aussie who was born blind. He makes up for his lack of seeing with his loving ways. He is the happiest dog I ever owned and I have had dogs for a long time. I am now 75. I wonder if there are folks out there who have a blind Aussie? I got him from a woman who takes in special need dogs. I am so glad I gave this wonder boy a chance. My family all love him too and they will take over for me if the time comes and he outlives me. Right now we are enjoying our daily walks on his leash and he knows the whole neighborhood.

by: Anonymous

I had a dog groing up with epilepsy. Every time he had a sezier i would just by his side until he was finished:(. He died at the age of 7 because his best dog fiend died a week before he did, he just missed him so much. I'll always miss him with all my heart! :)

by: Jackie

You are right about epilepsy changing your life ! I had a German Shepherd when I was growing up that had epilepsy. He was a wonderful dog that died too young !! I also had a child with epilepsy who passed away three years ago at 17 years old. I am glad to hear that the seizures are under control.

It sounds like you have a wonderful dog, and a beautiful one at that !! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

by: Flyingstar

Your story just melted my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible experience with Baxter.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

What a wonderful boy you have. Treasure each day that you have. Give him a big hug from his Auntie Gayle!

so sweet
by: Anonymous

thank you so much for sharing that story with all of us. He indeed sounds like a special boy.
I know what you are going through, our boy Luke developed epilepsy whe he was 2, and it was very hard aon all of us to watch him, and try and stay ahead of it. We did our best, and ha lived to be 5, before he had a cluster, and went into a coma. still, we loved him dearly. and miss him to this day.

We did get another boy, this time a toy Aussie, to keep our daughter's Chi company, and fill that void, to some degree, that Luke left in our hearts. Cooper, is a funniest, cutest, sweetest boy ever; unfortuantley, the Chi doesn't like him, but we have hope. lol

I sincerely wish you the best, and a long happy fun fill life with your boy Baxter Blue.

by: Colin

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing Baxter with us.

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