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Benji, Our Happy Farm Dog

by Katie

Cruising in the pickup

Cruising in the pickup

My parents have had our Aussie Benji for almost 11 years, and he is the best dog and friend we've ever had. He is incredibly intelligent and affectionate and has proven to be quite tough!

He survived and won two gruesome attacks by a pair of stray dogs, one being a German Shepherd. He fought them off and was barely alive when my mom found him. He was never mean during his recoveries. This is a noble breed!

He hunts raccoons and herds cattle yet shares his dog house with barn cats and gently plays with my sister's young child! He is always happy and can sense a bad person, even if it's an uncle or family acquaintance, and is always right. Our Benji is not as refined as other Aussies I've seen but that only makes him a more real dog to us.

He is independent and goes for swimming adventures to our neighbor's pond and eats out from our refuse pile and another neighbor's swine remains burn pile (much to our chagrin). He has pride too, but can act desperate for love and treats. I highly recommend this breed!

Comments for Benji, Our Happy Farm Dog

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What a Dog!
by: Laura

Your comments made me smile as well. I have two Aussies from one litter and they are smart, loyal and sweet as well. Your Benji seems to give love and have love from everywhere. They really can tell the difference between good [people and bad people because I had another Aussie, her name was Cindy, who lived to 17 years, and she could always sense a bad person and push me away from them. Your Benji seems happy and most of all he is a working dog which is what Aussies do best!

by: Anonymous

Hi Katie - I too live in Michigan with my Aussie. Your picture that you posted made me smile. They are the best dogs, although mine is not as easy going as your Benji! They do have great spirit and a zest for life.

Wonderful Benji
by: jcrply

It sounds like he is from herding lines, which I like the best of all Aussies!

by: Tom

That post brings a smile to my face, they are great dogs, I know I have two of them

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