Best Medications For Little Aussies

by Sheila & Roy Harvey
(Oriental, N.C. USA)

Our dog Dusty

Our dog Dusty

What is the best medication for flea & tick control and also heartworm control?

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Flea & Tick Meds
by: Nancy

The best flea and tick meds for Aussies in NONE. We have two aussies and they were given Frontline Plus. One developed seizures because of it. There is a chemical in it that some dogs can't tolerate. We found out the hard way and now our Rudy is on Phenobarbital. He is doing good so far and hasn't had a full blown seizure for quite a few months. Please don't subject your aussie to these seizures. We just use apple cider vinegar and water and spray them with it. Of course you are going to have a few ticks but we pull them off after they are checked. It sure beats them getting seizures.

Medications for Little Aussies
by: Sheila & Roy

Thank you for your comment Nancy.
Were your little Aussies tested for MDR1? Have long have you been using the Frontline Plus?
What proportion of apple cider vinegar to water do you use? Do your dogs take any heartworm medication like Sentinel or Heartguard? We have just gotten our Aussie and have had her for 3 weeks now. She is about 3 years old and the breeder who had her used Sentinel and also Frontline without a problem as far as we know.
We have been reading about drug sensitivity and are trying to decide which way to go from here.
We appreciate your response.

Flea & Tick Meds
by: Nancy

In answer to your questions: No we have never had Rudy tested for MDR1. It is quite expensive. We did have him tested for everything else when he had his first seizure and all was okay. We had been giving him Frontline Plus for about three years. I think he had the seizures before but never saw him in one. We do not give him anything for heartworm. We are very careful taking all the ticks off of him. We live in WI so we have a tick season here. The ratio of apple cider vinegar and water is 1 part vinegar to one part water. It is very traumatic to see your baby having a seizure. He is on phenobarbital now. I have no intention of ever putting another flea and tick product on either of our Aussies. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Have a great day!!!

MDR1 test $55 cheek swab
by: Anonymous

I had the MDR1 test done 10/2014 through Animal Genetics located in Tallahassee FL. I requested the test which is a cheek swab and mailed it in. The fee is reasonable at $55 and results took 3-5 days. They emailed the results.

by: Nancy

Thank you so much for the info. I am going to check it out. Thanks again.

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