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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Best Time To Neuter Male Aussie

by Rosemary
(Washington State)

I have a 10 month old Tri colored Aussie male. When should we neuter him? The vet said is good to wait until he is 14 months, but he is getting very pushy and biting. Our trainer said get him neutered. Overall a very good dog and we have worked with him alot, but some days he is frustrated because he does not want to respond to a command on the leash and will get very aggressive biting mostly my husband. He is lifting his leg peeing on everything outside and heavy humping. We are trying to decide if the behavior problems will get out of hand over the next 6 months outweighs problems with development in joints and early cancer if we get him neutered now.

Any thoughts would help.


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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Your pup would most likely be pushy at this stage if he were neutered, too. It's the age. He is a teenager. I really suggest more exercise at this point. Lots of running to get off that excess energy and he will be more likely to listen. Boys tend to get this way more than the girls. If he were my dog, I would wait. The incidence of hemangiosarcoma is so high – 5x greater risk – in early neuters. If you ever had a dog die from this horrendous disease, you would wait. I had one of my boys neutered at 11 months and he died suddenly from hemangiosarcoma at 10. He was such a wonderful dog. So sweet and he just dropped dead. Buchanan was featured on a Animal Planet show for his work in animal assisted therapy. My friend's Sheltie just passed away from the same disease at 11. He was neutered at 4 months. Maybe you would want to consider taking your dog for more training at this point. Get him into agility. Aussies love it! Burns off that energy.

Re: When to Neuter
by: Anonymous

My vets have always said spay/neuter at 6 months of age, unless there seems to be a problem. This includes: improper humping, aggression, biting, marking etc. in this case neutering/spaying earlier. They also recommend having the usual blood work done beforehand to avoid any unforeseen problems.

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