BET Lines

Can anyone tell me what these puppies come from and what "strong BET lines" means?

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by: Nonnie

Well ... it stands for Blue Eyed Tri.... Many breeders are working to produce more blue eyed puppies. I am not sure whether this acronym means the tri is blcak, white and copper or the copper, white and ?, .... We have a blue eyed, blue merle. She is White, silver and white. so ... a little information, but not complete.

by: Vanessa

I have a one year old BET female. She is black, white, with some tan on her face, Her eyes are blue. My understanding is that two blue merle's cannot be bred together without producing a litter of blind puppies. But a blue eyed tri and a blue merle can be mated and produce mostly blue eyed puppies without any problems. BET's have become more popular during the last ten years. I wish I could post a picture of my girl for you...

by: Kinzua Aussies

The gene that gives you blue eyed Merle’s is different gene that blue eyed tri’s from what I am told. They are not a product of Merle x Merle

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