by Leslie
(Muskegon, MI)

I have an Aussiedoodle, and I love her to death. I got her when she was only 4 weeks old since her mom had a bad infection and couldn't care for her. I was very uneducated about the breed and didn't train as I should have. Recently she attacked my mom's dog, who she has grown up with and played with since they were puppies. I just happened to be in the middle and my dog got my arm and tore it up. If it had been the other dog, I'm not so sure she would still be with us. I figured this was just an accident, but last night she bit my nephew. I think she was trying to "herd" him. But I need to make sure this doesn't happen again. What should I do? Giving her up is not a option!

Note from Anton The "Aussiedoodle" is not actually a breed it is a cross.

This does not seem to be "herding" behavior it is aggression. Your dog is out of control and you need to take charge. Have a look at the training programs here. Secrets to Dog Training with Daniel Stevens has information on dog aggression.

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uh o, lawsuit or putting her down
by: Anonymous

Get this dog some training. You have a potential lawsuit or worse, having to put your dog down. I would suggest training, its far less costly to train than to have to pay for legal fees and you get to keep the dog.
Besides, the trainng sessions will be good for both you and the dog in bonding, you might even enjoy dancing or tricks.

by: Anonymous

I wonder if there has been some change or turmoil in your life that your dog is picking up on. Could be small. Your dog no longer sees you as her leader and protector. A submissive dog would not attack another in the presence of a alpha dog.
Or, is it possible that you saw this dog as sad and did not train and discipline her right. I would never suggest force or harsh discipline. To achieve total control, your animal has to trust you. Whereas your dog needs training, so do you. YOu need to learn to become the alpha again. You eat first, and no yum yums for pup - feels horrible doesn't it - that is what those big soft eyes are used for at times. AFter you eat, she only eats after doing a command such as sit or carprt (if you use a carpet square for your pup to eat 0n)/ Visit my website and I will try to answer more questions to this manner

i dont know what im talking about- hope this helps
by: Brygette

muzzle and obedience training. i would socialize with the muzzle on. Try to get private lessons for you and your dog. You could even use a correctional collar: Elite-Tek at good luck

Note from Anton I don't recommend shock collars. You shouldn't use them and would want to be a professional before going to that extreme. There are other approaches you can try first. For example, Daniel Steven's dog training program has info on aggressive dogs. More info here.

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