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Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Puppy With White Face

by Bea Luna

Hi there! Attached above is a picture of a 1-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy. She will be ready in 7 weeks and I was wondering if the white on her face is normal.

I looked at some other websites and saw most puppies had more color to their faces. Will the color fill in as she gets older? Should I be concerned? Her parents are red merle and black bi.

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Purd white fur will remain white
by: Anonymous

The pure white parts will stay pure white. I think the breed standard says that the ears should be colored but a white face is acceptable. There is another puppy in my pup's litter who looked just like this one and her fur remained pure white where there were no traces of color.

Merle on Merle breeding
by: Anonymous


It looks like merle on merle breeding, there are some real risks with this - Have a look here.

White face pup
by: Anonymous

It may also be a little too early to tell. Many puppies will reveal facial markings as the weeks go on. Puppies usually have bare spots when they are first born.

Puppy with white face
by: Anonymous

How exciting about your new puppy, congratulations. That being said, I know someone mentioned about the Lethal White that occurs when two merles are bred. I know you say one parent was Black Bi, however there have been instances, though rare, where it looked like the dog was a Black bi or tri or what ever, but was actually a merle and accidentally bred with a merle. It is not common at all, but it does happen, so I would make sure that your puppy can see and hear before you take it home. Hopes this helps and hope your puppy is OK.

Black Bi
by: Anonymous

The white around the eyes would concern me. I would check to see if the Black Bi parent is truly non-merle. If that dog has ANY merling at all anywhere on the body, then the dog is a merle. The problems come from breeding merle to merle, and sometimes people think that just a little merling doesn't count. It does.

by: Anonymous

I think your pup will have a white face, but be healthy. White on the eyes/ears at all, is NOT acceptable per the breed standards, because of the confusion shown here. But such 'pattern whites' occur in the breed and other than an increased risk if deafness are healthy as any Aussie. They should never he used for breeding, but are wonderful as any as companions.

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