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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Blue Merle Puppy, Steele

by Kathy Clary
(Oswego, NY)

Steele - look at that face!

Steele - look at that face!

About 6 months ago, we set eyes on this Mini Australian Shepherd blue merle puppy. We fell in love at first sight. We would not go home without him. At home we had two dogs and were hoping that they would all get along. It was iffy at first, but now they are the best of friends. However, Steele has been a challenge. Even with the other two dogs, he still is finding things to do and getting himself into trouble.

The biggest issue is ripping things apart including the living room carpet. We have tried everything except crating (I don't believe in crating)...

With that said, even with all his energy, I would not trade him for the world. He is the most beautiful dog and at some point I do believe that he will stop the destruction. Even if he doesn't, oh well... The things can be replaced. He can not.

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Blue merle aussie shepherd owner
by: K.SeeleyAnonymous

I have a 6 mo.old pure bred and she was playing w/my cat and she fell off the love seat onto a hardwood floor, I was RIGHT THERE!!! I couldn't catch her, I too do not believe in crating dogs but I've since gotten one. I put in one super comfy blanket w/ my scent and her favorite toy. I leave the door open so she can come & go as she pleases. The rest of the time she is tethered to me 24/7 around the house. A's a super dog lover, please I implore u to crate her. My dogs name is Bella and I call her crate the Bell-a-ggio, she loves it and I can always find her most treasured toys buried in there. The dog knows THIS IS MY LIL HOUSE!!! GOOD LUCK W/ Your puppy!!!!

by: Anonymous

Please use crating. As another commenter posted above, it isn't cruel for short periods of time. Just yesterday I came home from school to find my Australian Shepherd/Kalua puppy named Moki dead with a cookie bag over his head. I can't tell you the grief my family and I have gone through because we simply left a bag out and were in such a rush we didn't think about it. Moki was only three months old and we had only had him for 6 weeks. I can't tell you how important it is to use crating. We didn't and now Moki is gone. Please use it. It's better safe than sorry.

by: Anonymous

Some dear friends left their 9 month old puppy unrestrained and alone in their house for 20 minutes while they ran a quick errand. In that time the pup fished out and ate the pills from a bottle of presecription NSAIDS from a gym bag--long forgotten by the owner. It was touch and go for a week. The pup nearly died and the medical bills were huge. If a person cannot supervise a young dog it should be crated or placed in a completely puppy proof room or other enclosure. Not to do so is risking injury or death. You might be lucky and nothing will ever happen, but if it does you will never forgive yourself.

Going great!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments and concerns.... Steele is doing MUCH better. I have a large bin full of toys and leave them all over the floor when we leave the house along with chew items and it has distracted him from the carpet. I also take treats and "hide" them through out the house for a treasure hunt. All the treats are gone when I get home. Having the two other dogs help. I love them so much. Steele is slowly becoming "a love bug"... Everyone is doing great...

Your puppy Steele
by: Anne Calmes

I know you don't believe in crating but I do obedience training, breed and show my dogs in herding, agility and conformation. I am also one of the Aussie rescue reps for Louisiana.
I have had aussies for 20 years.
I want to tell you a story and to potential puppy buyers, and in my obedience class.
My 1st Aussie was named "Baby" and yes she was my best buddy and my baby. I breed her at 5 years old to one of the top aussies in the country. We had a litter of nine. I LOVED every single one of these puppies like my kids. To make a long story short I sold one of the males to a really nice lady with 2 kids. She went to work one day..she lived in an apartment...she did not crate the puppy as she believed like you.
I told her she needed to crate him when she left for work. Well she did not and he was six months old and she left him lose in the apsrtment.
She had left a cereal box on the counter. When she returned home from work the puppy had gotten on the counter and suffocated in the cereal bag. She told me he had the bag perfectly sealed around his face and head. He died and what a way to die as she told me he struggled, had knocked over a plant and had pooped while trying to get out of the cereal bag. What a HORRIBLE way for any animal to die.
If you know anything about where dogs came from , it is wolves. Wolves have dens, Crates serve as a dog's den.
For the safety of your furniture, carpet and your Puppy crating for short periods of time is not cruel.
If you need any more info or have questions in general, please ask me.
~Anne Calmes

getting into trouble
by: Debbie

My aussie is 9 mo old now...I have never crated her and dont have too. I give her a busy bone if I am going out for awhile and I have a milk crate filled with balls, frisbes, toy animals....the other thing I did was put in a storm door with a doggie door. She has not done one destructive thing in my home yet. She is a joy. Good Luck.

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