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Bo Bear

by Karen

My memorial is yet to come... I have to put down my black Tri after the holidays... am stalling with pain control but in my heart I know I need to let her go home after 13 years of love, loyalty, protection, happy, obedient, easy going big girl. She house trained herself when she arrived at 3 months and I was pleasantly surprised. She was originally bought as a gift for my husband but he had cancer and after a long period of grief, she slowly turned to me. Those loving dark eyes will follow me the rest of my life. Smart, trusting, ... ok so she was a bit stubborn only cause she was/is smarter than half the people in the world :)! Ask me how much I love her... How to say good-bye? God give me strength. She has grown old and thin, and I feel the stenosis of the spine and arthritis is almost too much even on meds... in turn I feel give her incontinence. Time to be a big girl and let her go... please pray for us.

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Dec 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I know its hard--so many of us have been through this. But it's time to let go. My prayers are with you.

Dec 19, 2013
Bo Bear
by: Clint

I to have lost two Aussies. It is very hard to let them go. But just remember they will always be in our hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Dec 19, 2014
Love of Riley
by: Nance

I will pray! We let our Riley girl go two weeks ago today (12/5/14)As a 7 year old Aussie the last thing we expected at a well dog check up was the diagnosis of lymphoma, with only 3 months to live! We were told she would not be with us for Christmas. Sadly everything our vet prepared us for came to pass and we gathered and said our final goodbye . I had spent the months prior to, crying,not sleeping much, hugging, loving, embracing every minute. I couldn't breath. I still can't.I kept telling her I can't let her go, until she finally told me it was time. My heart breaks for you as you go through this very sad time. I will pray. I am a praying girl and will pray for peace and strength, as I know you know you will need. There are no other words.~ you are in my thoughts. ~

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