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"BO" Gone But Never Forgotten

by Dwayne Carrick
(Lexington N.C. USA)

It's been almost 2 years since I lost my best friend Bo. Time has helped heal the pain of his loss but there isnt a day goes by I dont think about him or someone mentions him. See Bo was very special. I take care of 150 rental properties and Bo went to work with me every day. All my tenants looked forward to seeing me and especially Bo pull up to fix things. They always had a treat for him and he would do a trick for them.

The most special place for Bo was Lowes home improvement warehouse. There are many customers take their dogs in Lowes and Bo is responsible for that I guess. They saw him and started bringing their dogs in and I thank Lowes for being Dog friendly. Bo had his way of greeting everyone in the store. First he went to commercial sells where he did his tricks for pupperoni treats then on to the girls up front at the cash registers just for a quick hello. Then to the store manager for a milk bone. His favorite department was plumbing why I dont know but he had to carry something back with him to the register at commercial sells or else.

Believe it or not Bo could grip a kitchen faucet in his mouth and carry it all the way across the store straight to the register. He would hold it in his mouth with his head held high and proud always ahead of me. Customers would stop and look at him in amazement and say look at that dog. Never once did he shoplift LOL.

He was my best friend always with me .September 19th 2010 I went out and found Bo dead. He was only 2 years old almost 3 the vet thinks a brain aneurism might have been what killed him. I have never lost something that hurt me as much as this. Working was almost impossible just looking at his empty seat killed me but the hard thing was going into Lowes. Everyone that worked there cried like babies when they found out about Bo's passing away.

Bo passed on a Saturday that night my girlfriend spent all night on the internet looking for me another Bo. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up she said I found one. Mind you another dog is the last thing I wanted at this time. I was still in shock from loosing my buddy. She begged me and begged me you need it to heal and fill his spot. I really said some mean things to her for saying that because no dog could ever take his place.

Finally I gave in to her and off we went to see some puppies. She told the lady we didnt have all the money at the time but the lady said give me what you can and send the rest later he needs a dog to help heal. Bo was a red and white very rare red and white I have only seen one since. All the lady had was blue merle. We arrived and there they were 2 lil girls. I watched them run around the yard and play and when she asked which one do you want I squatted down and one of them ran up and jumped up on me and licked me and I said i'll take this one.

Ridding down the road the puppy loved me but I couldnt love back yet I looked at her and said just give me time "BABY" and thats how she got her name. I carried her with me every where I went. Since I have horses I buried Bo beside the pasture under the crape myrtle tree he use to like to lay under. Every day I went to feed the horses I always went to his grave talked to him bent down and kissed the ground under which he layed. All the time this beautiful little blue merle puppy was sitting behind me not knowing why I wouldnt pay her any attention.

I took her in Lowes and the big question was are you going to teach her to carry stuff to the register like you did Bo. My answer was I didnt teach him he just did it and if she wants to she will. This puppy was so smart she knew I was grieving and she allowed me to do so. After 2 months I guess she figured I had had long enough. We were in Lowes and she had got to know the routine. I use alot of plumbing parts and alot of them are in plastic bags. One day I had got a bag and was walking down the isle and all of a sudden I felt it leave my hand I looked down and BABY had taken it and off to the register she went. All the people in the store were coming out looking out breaking their necks to see it could she possibly do it YES straight to the register and layed it down. Needless to say there was not a dry eye in the store.

Since then Baby is the hit every where she goes. She even has her own LOWES vest. The Australian Shepherd is without a doubt got to be the most awesome breed of dog God created. Baby has since became a model for an upcoming dog product thats all I can say right now. She is not BO there will never be another him. Just like there will never be another BABY. I hope this has helped someone that has lost their Aussie. Please if you have lost one or ever do get another one as soon as you can and they will truly help you heal. Bo had a tombstone given to him and on it the saying says BO the best friend I ever had your in the arms of the angels now. I will see him again one day when I cross that rainbow bridge myself.

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Sep 01, 2012
by: Rhonda "Round em up Aussies"

I was so moved by this story a tear came to my eye. Yes, an Aussie is the most amazing dog in the world. I'm so glad you found another and I do believe Bo had a wonderful life on this earth thanx to you and your love. Love to Bo

Sep 01, 2012
Bo Gone
by: Heidi

What an amazing story. The heartbreak is so phenomenally bad. So glad you Baby to heal. Sounds like another love story!

Sep 04, 2012
thank you for your comments
by: Anonymous

Thank you for reading Bo's story . I'am glad it touched you. Bo lived a good life he stayed inside most the time right beside me. He was my guard my buddy my best friend my heartbeat. This is a tough month.

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