Bought A Pup, Not Sure If She Is Actually An Australian Shepherd

by Ethan
(Bellflower, California)

Hi, my name is Ethan and I just bought an Australian Shepherd (the person that sold her to me said that the pup was a pure bred, Australian Shepherd)

Funny story, I was at a park and this woman had three (what she also said to be) 10 week old puppies. Me and my family instantly fell in love with them. She was selling them and so we bought one. I'll attach a picture (hopefully good enough to tell whether or not she is indeed an Aussie.

I have looked up pictures of the breed and most of them don't look quite like Marlee. So I just wanted to be sure.

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by: Nonnie

She is very cute! I have never seen a Aussie that has as much white as she does, but that may not mean anything. I am fairly new to the Aussie breed.

I am sure there are many on this site who can tell you.

Good luck with Marlee!!

Some more facts
by: Ethan Gilham

I forgot to mention:

Her eyes are Brown, and she has all white fur except what you can see on her face. There are black spots on her skin under the fur and on her tummy, though.

Pattern white
by: Anonymous

She does look aussie, although a picture of her standing would be more helpful. She is what you call a pattern white. Aussies are supposed to have colour other than white on their backs, when too much white is produced you call it a pattern white.

Another picture.
by: Anonymous

Hi Ethan, I've added your photo for you. If you need to add a photo (you can have up to 4) in these forums, you can just email them to me and I can add them for you.

You can email them to...

All the Best, Anton

by: Ethan Gilham

I was wondering why the post would not go through...

Thanks Anton!


It might have been because of the file size. When I tried to post it I got an error message due to the size. But I just used Photoshop and cropped it and lowered the resolution so it would work.
~ Anton

could i have your puppy's sister?
by: melissa

Hi! I have a puppy I got when she was 10 weeks old. She looks extremely similar to your puppy! I have also done some research to try to determine if she could be mixed with another breed. We are in central Ohio, if they are related I would love to chat with you!

RE: Melissa
by: Ethan Gilham

I think its a coincidence that you got yours at 10 weeks also because I live in Southern California.

But good luck with yours though! :)

Pattern White Puppies
by: Anonymous

Type in Pattern White Australian Shepherds on Google and research what you find. There are two ways that puppy could be white, by a lethal merle gene (I really forgot what it's called) double merle? And they are white and can be born deaf/blind or happen later. But yours looks like a pattern white.
NOTHING is wrong with pattern whites, they have the same health problems as a normal Aussie, and life span. The only difference is, you cannot ever register your dog since he/she does not exceed the color code limits.
I'm getting my Pattern White (mismarked) puppy soon. Nearly all white with brown eyes.

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