Boundary Issues



Hi Everyone,
We recently acquired a 2 yr old gentle, low key, calm natured Aussie from a professional Aussie Breeder.

I took some advice from other families of Aussies and placed flags up around our backyard to use as a border, and for awhile they seemed to be working, however, today Puzzle leaped over those flags and went into the neighbor and took off after their 2 dogs. Teeth were not shown, I think he wanted to play more than anything, also there is a teenager who plays golf in his backyard directly in back of us with these two dogs, and Puzzle likes to try to chase his golf balls and bring them back to me to throw. I also have used the jar with stones and squeeker toy. It seems when he gets in that frame of mind he just refuses to come. And no, we are not allowed any fences here in Greendale.

I need your advice, help, ideas, etc... I let him know that mom was not happy at all that he did that, by scolding him, which I rarely need to do, and he's been especially quiet around me since then.

Cathy and Dale

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Boundary Issues
by: Anonymous

Is your dog getting enough exercise? Is he spending enough quality time with you in the area that he is supposed to stay in? Most of the time, those are the main reasons that Aussies break boundaries to go and play.

Be patient, they are really smart dogs and he will get the hang of it.

Boundary Issues
by: Margaret

We have 1 1/4 acres and have an electric fence around about half of that so our Aussie can have a lot of space to run and chase deer. She has broken through the fence a couple of times (because we did not have her collar on or did not replace the battery!) but she does not go far. We never leave her out in the evening if we go out as this is her time to 'patrol' the property and I don't like to take any chances. She is 4 years old now, so knows her boundaries well, but I still leave her flags up just to remind her.

Boundary Issues
by: Cathy

Thanks for your comments. Yes I am keeping him occupied with me in the backyard very near the boundary are keeping him attached to a 10 feet leash line so that whenever he has the inkling to test those boundaries I can give him a reminding pull back on his collar and say "yard" repeatedly for an association word, He seemed to handle that pretty well. I realize it has to be repetition so I will do it every day as well as take him to his favorite place, the pet walk area provided by the park system for all dogs of the county. He plays, jumps after balls , frisbees, whatever may be thrown he'll go after it with boundless energy.

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