Breeders Who Like Tails

by Rhonda
(NW Wisconsin)

I purchased my first Aussie from petfinder. He came with tail included. Yippee! He is my Velcro dog.

I would like to purchase a mini or toy Aussie with a tail. Are there some reputable breeders that don't dock tails enabling choosing a puppy by personality?

We have had a variety of farm animals and he is wonderful. When he was a puppy he liked to play with the other 'pets'. Now that he is an adult he usually ignores them. More of a people dog. He usually is by me when in the house except at night (hubby said he couldn't sleep in the bed... awwww). He does love our WI winters and sometimes doesn't want to come in. He is very smart. We have 3 kids and 5 grand kids. He is a gem with our whole family.

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by: Anonymous

Lucky you to get an aussie with a tail. Mine came from a backyard breeder who chopped them all off. Thank God I have not had any problems with my beautiful girl.

breed without a tail
by: Chad

Aussies are one breed that are born without a tail. some have them them but the breed was bred not to have a tail they are not cut off like some breeds they are born that way.

by: Bonnie

Sorry, but I have been trying to find a breeder that does NOT dock their poor tails, and have not been successful. Each one told me they dock them at 2 weeks to conform to breed standards. The poor dogs. An Australian's tail is a glorious thing and those that are docked can't even wag their happiness! The USA seems to be one of few, if not the only one, that allows this barbaric practice to continue.

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