Breeding Australian Shepherd With Mini Aussie

by Paula Watson
(Ewing, KY)

I have a male Australian Shephard that is 19 inches tall and registered. Someone is wanting to sell me a female Mini Australian Shephard, I am trying to find out if I can breed them and get papers on the puppies?

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by: Anonymous

There is no registration for "Miniature Australian Shepherd". People call them "Mini Aussie" because they look similar to Aussies, but their breed name is actually Miniature American Shepherd and they are a different breed from the Australian Shepherd. If you breed the two, the pups will be mixed-breed and cannot be registered as either Australian Shepherd or Miniature American Shepherd.

I have a similar question but...
by: Anonymous

I have a mini female and a standard size male Aussie. My concern isn't with the registration aspect but a safety one. I don't want to lose ANY of my dogs, puppies. I would get her spayed before that would happen!

Done it
by: Anonymous

I got a Mini Aussie that had been bred accidentally by a standard male. She raised 9 healthy puppies.

Mini Aussie Breeding With Standard. Safe?
by: Anonymous

I have the same question regarding safety of the mama. What size puppies did your Mini Aussie have when she was bred with a Standard? I don’t want anything to happen to her or any pups as well.

Mini and standard aussie
by: Anonymous

I am very confused about the two breeds! When I purchased my tri female she was supposedly a mini, looks like a mix between standard because of her weight (55lb) short legs and longer body than my little boy, he is 30 lbs and amber eyes, red nose and red coat. Any suggestions?

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