Breeding Questions

1) If I breed a black tri to a red tri will I get black tri and or red tri puppies.

2) If a male was with the female one time on Feb 15 but the litter isn't born until April 22 or 23, is this common?

3) There are no such colors as chocolate, right!

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Breeding Questions
by: Nonnie

You might look at the "Breeder Directory" on this site and post something to them via email. They will be a good resource for that type of question.

Re: Breeding
by: Anonymous

Breeding a merle to a non-merle can give you all four colors.
An average gestation is 62-63 days however, as humans, this can vary from dog to dog. A first time mother for example, and just different make ups.
NO! There is no such thing as a chocolate! Colors are blue/red merle, black/red tri, black/red bi,solid(or selfs) black or red.

Red factored
by: Anonymous

Don't the parents both have to be red factored to get any red pups?

The red tri is red factored (obviously) but if the black tri is not red factored (had a red parent) you will not get any red pups. Is this correct?

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