Breeding What Is Too Close Related?

This is for breeders, are first cousins too close to breed, would there be genetic problems with pups, parents would be related as the male's mother is sister to females mother. I know this is weird question but would like to know.

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by: jcrply

I am curious to see the answers that the Aussie breeders will give. I am just an Aussie owner, but it seems to me that there is so much to be considered here. I think that conscientious breeders carefully study the traits, characteristics, health, and many many other issues in the ancestors of any dogs that they are considering breeding. If not very careful, you can increase the likelihood of not only good characteristics but also any BAD characteristics. Personally, I don't like the idea of breeding dogs that are related. I think it's just too risky. What would you do with any defective pups... assuming that you could tell they were defective before 8 weeks of age.

Aussie Genetics
by: Ontario, Canada

My strongest suggestion is that you investigate the Australian Shepherd Genetics. There is lots of information on the internet and speak to a vet as well. The consequences of improper breeding can lead to major health problems for the pups born from this.

Breeding relatives in dogs
by: Anonymous

Well I agree, I personally dont think its a good idea, I am in a depute with someone else who says it is fine, that it is line breeding , and it keeps the blood line strong, I dont know that much about it but so I wanted others opinions, thanks everyone for your input.

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