Bringing On A New Puppy

by Taylor Wright

We have a 2 year old Aussie mix. I am really wanting to get a male puppy this fall. Rudy is the light of our lives and is the best snugger and playmate. She is perfect for my husband and I but I have some reservations about growing our family:

Our girl is very protective of us if other dogs come up to us in the park but if they're playing away from us she's fine. She only gets upset if the other dogs come around me or my husband.

She loves the car but if someone comes up to the window she has a meltdown and turns into a guard dog. She is also very suspicious of people coming into our home. I have even has to put her in the bathroom while we've had a repair man in put home out of worry that she would actually bite the man.

We had a roommate for a while who brought along his boxer. She was very dominant over him and would bully him on a daily basis. He never fought back. She would stand over him and even nip at his jaws. He just laid there. I know not all dogs are as reserved as he is...

I've read that Aussie get along well with other Aussies in the home. She has never been around any puppies, only around other adult dogs. I need suggestions for making the transition as smooth as possible.

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I've also been wondering about a 2nd Aussie
by: Dave

Our 2 year old male Aussie sounds very similar in that he is very protective around other dogs and gets aggressive if they get too close, especially around the car. However doesn't seem to have those traits around strangers, just the normal butt wagging and sniffing with other people. I would love to get a female Australian if I knew that they would bond, but so far it seems risky as I think he might be the 1 dog type.
Looking forward to hearing from others experiences on bringing another dog into the Australian Sheppard's fold.

by: Tom

If you get another adult or puppy you should always meet and greet on neutral ground. By bringing another dog into home yours feels betrayed and acts as such. Remember it is their home and will defend it as such. Also they will feel with another dog present that you are replacing her so she acts aggressive to show you she can still do the job of protecting the home.
Puppies always want to play and adults sometime do not watch her around the puppy she will let the young one know when it is ok to play. Hope you post pictures of your new pup.

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