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Buck and Kit

by Hannah

You guys were just puppies when we met, but I was a puppy too... in some ways. I was four years old, and you boys were twelve weeks, but it was like we had known each other for years. I could call you one by one, the easiest way for me to get you to come back was yelling 'Bucket!'. You boys helped this little girl chase easter eggs, and were there when I wanted to talk to you. You guys were the best listeners a four year old could have asked for. And as I grew, you grew with me. Still friends, and still the best dogs I ever asked for. You taught me things, and I taught you some things. It was a give and take. But then... both of you were gone within days of each other. Buck.. was run down by a car, and Kit... died from sadness only days later. There was nothing I could do to hold you boys with me. I know you'll be waiting for me on the other side. Even nine long years later, its still brings tears to my eyes. The three of us, running across papa's yard hunting those bright colored eggs.
=[ I miss you guys. I love you boys. Be good, and stay safe.


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Jun 18, 2009
How sad
by: Anonymous

I'm so very sorry, that had to be hard to deal with. Bless you.

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