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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Buying An Australian Shepherd Puppy

by Fred
(Phoenix Valley)

I’m on a list to buy an Aussie puppy in October. While I’ve had 5 dogs in my life none have been Aussies. The puppies will be AKC registered as both parents are but since I’m first on the list I need to know what to look or lookout for when choosing the dog.

I’m aware of eye and ear problems but I believe the breeder has done it right. I’ve heard the dogs can change color from the puppy stage to adults — any truth to that?

I’ve also heard that the double coat isn’t always the case, some of the red bi colored dogs may have less of it than others — any truth?

Temperament is important to me as I have two grandchildren age 4 and 8 who will want to help raise the dog although they won’t see the puppy on a regular basis. I would want the least active female — what should I look for?

Any advice will help.


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New puppy
by: Anonymous

Hi I’m on my second Aussie they are great with kids, loyal playful. Aussies do shed and a thin coated Aussie would catch my attention to being maybe a health issue. I believe all Aussies have a double coat. My children were 8 and 10 and grew up Jake. . I could never get another breed at this point due to the roll they play in the family. Exercise is extremely important and being part of all you do with your family will make your family complete.
Best of luck

Great dogs
by: Mimi

I am on my forth Aussie and I love the breed. They are super smart and eager to learn. They need a lot of exercise. My husband takes them to the dog park every day. I have a three year old grandson who helps training our new puppy. Enjoy your puppy.

New Puppy
by: Anonymous

We have had three Aussies and I can't say enough about their intelligence. All our Aussies have been females. I would suggest you try to find out about the temperament of the parents.
If your puppy grows up with the grandchildren and/or with children around them, they will be more tolerant of the children's exuberance as they are definitely herders and an active breed needing lots of exercise.
Also be sure to see to your Aussie engaged in training. This way you can see how wonderful they are in response to it.
Good luck and I hope you have as much enjoyment with your new puppy as we have had with ours.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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