Can An Aussie Jump A 4 Foot Fence?

I have an 8 month old Aussie and want to build a wood fence in my yard to contain him, how high should I have the fence built? Our neighbor has a 4 foot fence that I would like to attach on to to decrease the cost. Can an Aussie jump a 4 foot fence?

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4 foot fence
by: Anonymous

I have two Aussies and yes they both could jump over a 4 foot fence. I would suggest a privacy fence all the way around your yard or if you decide to add to your neighbors fence don't leave the Aussie alone in the yard.

by: Anonymous

Yes, without a doubt... an Aussie can jump a 4 ft fence. My daughter's 45 lb 1 1/2 year old male Aussie can get over a 6 ft fence with no problem. A 4 ft fence would be a warm up for him.


4 Foot Fence
by: Anonymous

Aussies want to be with their families, not confined in a fenced yard. If you are outside with your Aussie, he is not likely to try to jump the fence. If he is alone outside, he will probably find a way over or under most any fence.

How High?
by: Nonnie

My 30lb mini Aussie is 3 years old. She is 18" at the shoulder. She can clear a 4' fence easily. She got out of the yard one day and I was frantically calling her. She came to the 6' solid wooden gate, and before I could get there to open it, she jumped, got her claws on the top and climbed over very easily!

If you have a full-size Aussie ... ?

Fence Height
by: Ontario, Canada

Generally a fence between 4-6 feet would be good. I have a border collie and an Aussie we have a 6-foot fence. Check to see if there are specific bi-laws where you live though to be on the safe side.

Invisible Fence?
by: Anonymous

We got an Invisible Fence... we have two Aussies and they have never run through it once we trained them. Training only took a couple of days. Even when deer run through the yard they chase them only up to where the invisible fence is... then they stop in their tracks and just bark. Only problem we have is that one is so well trained that he won't cross over it even when we have his collar off and try to take him for a walk. We have to pick him up and carry him 10 ft and then put him down again. The other one will walk through if we tell him it is okay. Works like a dream. We also put in a dog door so they can come in and out of the house whenever they want.

You bet your Aussie
by: Neil

Some years ago I had an Aussie on a cattle farm in Arkansas. When I would go through the gates he would always be on the other side waiting for me. I can't remember of him ever waiting for the gate, some of which were five feet high and I believe he could have jumped much higher.

Yes, they can
by: wyosharon

We have a four-foot chain link fence. Our Aussie didn't bother jumping it until he watched our daughter's friend climb over it. He learned quickly that he could climb it too. He also figured out that he could jump on the trampoline, bounce a bit, and then bound over the fence. (That was pretty funny to watch! He's a clown!) We ended up putting an invisible fence on the chain link fence, and that has deterred him from jumping again.

Aussie Escape Artist
by: Anonymous in Ark

My Aussie gets a run at the corner of my 8' wooden privacy fence, and climbs out. This is a corner where the braces are facing inward and where they meet, she uses them to climb. I nailed some big square pieces of particle board over the braces, and she dug her claws in and climbed out anyway. I will have to get more expensive, smoother (plywood?) material. Eventually she will just dig under or pick the padlock. I hate to put her on a staked cable, I'd rather let her have the run of the yard when I'm at work. Very annoying.

by: Anonymous

ours jumped a 6 foot fence into the swamp behind our home, shockingly we got her unharmed

6' plus
by: Barb

My new rescue Aussie sits at the base of our 6' fence and uses her hind feet to propel her up to the top pickets and then pushes and pulls herself over the top of the fence. We turned the pickets to the front side and it makes no difference. I understand that there is horse wire with a transformer that can be mounted to the top of the fence; also, 2" x 4" cut and angeled into top of the fence into the yard, covered with wire has been used to keep pesky dogs in. I have not gotten that far with the fencing for Houdini yet.

They're spring loaded
by: Anonymous

Any Aussie I've known will go over a 6 footer easily. We had one that went over a 9 footer but when I leaned the top 3 feet in at a 30 degree angle it stopped him.

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