Can Aussies Eat Lamb?

Can Aussies eat lamb?

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Re: Eating Lamb
by: Anonymous

I assume that you are talking about 'lamb' dog food? If this is the case,there is nothing wrong with feeding it, UNLESS of course, your dog shows signs of discomfort such as diarhea,vomiting,etc. From my own experience with aussies and lamb though, mine personally did not do well.At first, they all did fine.But then my male aussie and one of my females,started vomiting daily, losing weight,and hair. THe vet could not figure out what the problem was after many tests and medications, prilosec etc. I took it upon myself to find an answer and it must have been the lamb and rice food because the symtoms had stopped after I had changed food. I have also heard others discussing the lamb food with their aussies and them not doing well. I guess like anything else, trial and error.Hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

Mine eats Lamb because my other dog had ear problems so I switched both dogs to lamb. No problems.

Lamb and Rice Formula
by: Rockland Aussies

I have been feeding Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice since 11/10 because I liked all the veggies and fruits in this food. We had a slow conversion to the food and dealt with loose stools. It stopped after a while and it is happening again now. Stool sample is clear. It effects different ones of my aussies at different times.

I gave them 2 tablespoons of pumpkin (not the pie filler but can pumpkin) and it is better. Alot of people to do know about can pumpkin helping loose stools so I thought I would share this with you.

Kathy of Rockland Aussies

Can Aussies Eat Lamb?
by: Anonymous

Well, probably...especially if Lambie didn't do as he was told by the dog....but I'd strongly discourage it.

Ranee, Rick and Joker

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