Can I Deworm My Aussie Puppie?

by Megan Parsons
(Placerville, California, U.S.A)

I have a 2 month old Australian Sheppard Kelpie mix, he keeps yapping and biting at his rear end and family and friends have told me this could mean he has worms, but the people I purchased him from told me that Aussies should not be wormed. I was wondering if that is true... and if so what I should do if it's thought he does have worms?

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by: Anonymous

Please take him to the vet first and find out if he really has worms. Aussies shouldn't be dewormed because the medication can be toxic to them and they might die.

by: Suzan

I agree. Take your puppy to the vet. Your vet can tell you for sure if your puppy has worms and recommend the safest way to help your puppy. Many deworming meds are harmful for aussies so your vet can guide you to right solution.

MDR1 & Worms
by: Matt Carpenter

Aussies (Australian Shepherds) have a 50% chance of carrying the MDR1 gene, the gene that makes it hard for them to clear certain toxins like ivermectin from their blood. High doses can cause seizures and even death. It's best to do a genetic MDR1 test (check out paw print genetics). The test is $80 but you can sometimes buy one on sale for half that through them.

IF the dog is a carrier then they have one copy of the gene. They could possibly tolerate dewormer but caution is advised (vet check). Two copies means the gene is active and dewormers like ivermectin should be avoided.

You can also check out diatomaceous earth and other natural treatments for parasites. Caution is warranted however.

Deworming Australian Shepherds
by: Anonymous

You can deworm Aussies with Safeguard. Nothing that contains ivermectin. Your Veterinarian will guide you through that.

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