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Can I Get a Lazy Australian Shepherd That's Still Beautiful and Healthy?

by Eli

Can I get a lazy Aussie that isn't through the roof energetic, but still just as beautiful and healthy as normal?

I love dogs and recently have been trying so hard for my father to get an Australian Shepherd but he won't because he says it needs much more exercise than we can give it.

Please help me!

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Lazy Aussie
by: Anonymous

Your dad is right. Aussies are beautiful but it’s rare to find one that lays around all day and doesn’t need much exercise. If they don’t get the activity they need they will usually get destructive or depressed. There are other breeds that would be better suited for your dad but keep in mind all dogs need some level of exercise.

Laid back aussie
by: Anonymous

I think your best bet would be to ask a reputable breeder for help. Sometimes a pup shows up that is very laid back. Better yet, ask if they have or know of any older dogs that need rehoming. Breeders will often retire dogs from their breeding program, who are still young and healthy, and are in touch with other breeders as well. Be careful of rescues, they have been returned for reasons that may not be suitable for your dad.

Another alternative is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, again from a good breeder. Smaller and less energetic than Aussies.

Lazy Aussie
by: Eli

Firstly, thank you so much for helping.

Second, I may have left things out. I also have a Cavapoo (Cavalier and Poodle mix) and I was kinda looking for a bigger dog breed. Do you think an Aussie would be good for it as we leave it at home outside a couple hours a day so they would be good playmates?

Thirdly, I was really looking for a puppy, not a full-grown dog.

Fourth, My dad has had 10 dogs in his lifetime (None being Aussies though) so he is not like a first-time inexperienced owner.

Fifth, I'm not asking for a dog that is as lazy as my other dog, but not one that always is super energetic. I wanted a mix of the two, a big beautiful healthy Aussie, that will enjoy going on runs with me occasionally, but will also like to chill out with me and snuggle up to me and be very loving.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

a really old elder
by: Anonymous

And even then.
An older dog would be calmer, but would probably still need quite a bit of daily exercise.

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