Can I Handle An Australian Shepherd?

by Maddie

I am active but not really active, I workout and get some kind of physical activity about 2 to 3 hours a day. But I have online school about 2 to 3 hours and I do this usually late at night around 10 pm. A day and that's it until I get a job. Do you think I can handle a Australian Shepherd?

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by: Anonymous

well,I don't see aproblem with your on line schooling, cause its late, and they usually are calm in the evening, and ready for sleep; especially, if exercise him during the day, however, if you plan to work full time, outside the home...hmmm...well, maybe if you get one that is NOT a puppy, maybe a 2 year old or better. Aussies are always fun, and funny, smart, and lovable, and playful, but not as much as when they are a puppy. if you really want one, I would suggest you go a met him/her, talk to the person/breeder, explain your scheule, and they will recommned the right one or you.(if yu go somewhere reputable).

A tired dog is a good dog
by: AlinIA

I typically spend an hour to hour and half a day playing fetch, frisbee or running with my 1 year old aussie.

If I miss a day he can be a little hard to live with, they need a good amount of exercise and a walk around the block is not going to do it.

Living the Aussie life
by: Anonymous

Aussies are fairly active dogs but I have noticed one thing - the smaller they are, they seem to require less activity before they're worn out (or at least chill to lay around the house or follow you and lay by your side). I know (myself included) 3 people with Aussies, all of different sizes. One owns a regular sized Aussie (he's about 9 months) and he is VERY active and energetic, always getting into trouble if he isn't stimulated. I'm not sure how much exercise she gives him each day. I own a 1 year old mini (she's about 27#) and usually takes about 15 minutes of throwing a frisbee or ball a day outside before she is content with hanging around the house. Another friend owns a 1 1/2 year old toy who is 11# and he is about on the same level as our dog is. Both our friend's dog and ours were never super high energy or even destructive, even as puppies. Their exercise requirements have increased some but are by no means incapable of handling. With winter and the cold snow we weren't able to get our dog out to exercise and she was more active in the house but it consisted of mainly chewing on her bones and throwing toys around for a couple hours a day (and sleeping or laying down the rest of the time). Now this could simply be because of the differences in doggie personalities but our friend with the toy (who is surrounded by dogs wherever he goes with friends and family) said he noticed this as well. And of course they can usually manage to come up with some playfullness, even if they're feeling lazy. :)

As long as you are willing to have a loyal companion in your home who will most likely be joining you wherever you go, provide proper exercise and don't mind a second shadow, I think an Aussie is alright for you. Our dog loves loves loves coming with us in the car, even if it's a drive to the grocery store. She'd rather be wherever we are, all the time. Speaking of which, she's laying by my feet right now. :) I'd say that's a pretty good companion for those late nights studying.

One more tip: If you get your dog from a breeder, talk to the breeder about what you're looking for in your dog. They should be able to match you up with a good fit. Also, watch the puppies personalities. The one running around like crazy who won't stop to listen for more than a couple seconds is probably going to grow up more energetic. On the other hand, the one who is playing but comes when called and is happy to sit by you while you pet it is probably going to be a little easier to handle. These traits seem to stick with them (I can only speak up to 1 1/2 years of a dogs life but I figure if they're not crazy by that point, I doubt they'll suddenly develop tons of spunk).

I hope this helped some. Best of luck in your dog searching! We absolutely love our mini Aussie.

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