Can Mini Aussies Suit Average Life Style?

by Hannnah M

I have known many people that have these dogs and I absolutely love them. I want to get a Mini Aussie, and have been talking with a breeder, however, I will be at school 8-3 with a half hour break in the middle of the day. She would be in my medium grassed backyard with my Dachshund. I am into athletics so I go on runs every night and need a running partner, so I would be able to take her running with me, however I don't live on a farm or have acres to run, but I want a dog that will run with me and a dog that will curl up and cuddle with me as well and show a lot of affection. I have been researching this dog for weeks and get such mixed reviews. I am being realistic as I can, but I just want to make the decision for the myself and most importantly my puppy.

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Mini Aussies
by: Colin

I think it depends on the dog. I have a 23lb black tri mini Aussie and he's the calmest, mellow, easy going little guy ever. He was that way when I picked him. He's been super easy to train, HE CUDDLES, and he's fun to play with outdoors. He fits my life perfectly. I'm 52 and no longer athletic :) We walk, and go to the park and visit my daughter... we do everything together. We also have a 47lb Aussie. Also, very laid back... but will run with the best of them. She was also that way when we picked her. We watched our puppies interact with the litter, with the mom and dad and most importantly... we watched how they acted with us. I've not had a bad Aussie yet and we've had 5. The mini being #5. I love this little dog! By no means am I an expert, I'm just an mini and a not so mini Aussie owner.

Suiting an average life style
by: Michelle in Wisconsin

Hi, We have 2 mini-Aussie's with two different (opposite) temperaments. Both are extremely smart, & awesome in their own ways...Mia, our 1 1/2yr old is the energizer bunny and wants to play almost non-stop,and our 3 month old (Jasmine-aka:Jazzy-Blue) is very docile and cuddly. They play well together,and compliment each other wonderfully. We have a family of 5; the kids are in school most days (college)plus work part-time, and my husband and I run our electrical business from our home-He is gone all day, and I'm in&out doing errands, plus work part time at a restaurant;4 hours a day, 3-X a week. The dogs DO fit in well with our family's lifestyle. We give them plenty of love, attention & exercise as often as we can.They are happy and we all love them more than words can say. We would never own another breed!!

by: Rockin R Mini Aussies

I own and breed Mini Aussies. I can only tell you that when choosing a puppy, choose a breeder who does a Puppy Aptitude Test. This would help immensely in knowing the personality of the puppy. Also make sure the pup is well socialized and comes from a friendly, calm female.
My Mini Aussies are calmer than my Toys. AS well as my show lines are calmer than the working lines.
Hope this helps, Shawna

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