Can We Have A Puppy In A Covered Pen Outside While We Are At Work?

by EV

I am a teacher and looking into getting a Mini Aussie this summer. This will give myself and my wife time to adjust to the dog and give it time it needs as a puppy. However, once late August comes around we will have to go back to our teacher jobs.

We will have a large pen with a cover, toys, etc. As long as we leave little toys, dog games, etc. will we be okay with having this dog and letting it out to run and play and come in with us once we get home?

This has been my dream dog and I have a close friend who can help with training. I just want to make sure having a huge pen outside will be okay while we are at work.

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Terrible idea!
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have an Australian Shepherd that we love dearly. She is 9 years old and a trained therapy dog. We bought our Aussie from a breeder who had been raising this breed for years. When I told her we didn't have a fenced in yard she said that was great because the worst thing you can do is leave an Aussie in a fenced in yard/pen by themselves for hours at a time. They are described as velcro dogs and thrive being near their "family". Aussie's are extremely intelligent but they can acquire bad habits and leaving them in a pen or back yard without people interaction or at least without their people home surrounding them is very detrimental to this breed of dog.

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