Can You Get A New Aussie When You Have An Older One Already?

Last week I wrote you about our beloved 12 year old Aussie that wouldn't eat. We had to take him to the emergency vet Saturday nite. After more blood work and exams we found he had a high calcium level and masses. Cancer and the vet said he was not going to be ok. We had to put him to sleep.

Ever since then it is so sad at our home. it is just empty and sad. We have his sister too and we are trying to keep her busy and paying special attention to her. She was with us when it all happened and she touched his nose and then spent time around him afterwards, before we laid him to rest in our back yard.

We have talked of getting another pup but when would it be best for her? How would you introduce?

It would be better to get another right away to fill our house again but I don't want to make it worse on her.

Thank you very much.

Becky T

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So Sad
by: Kathy

Becky, I am so very sorry to hear your news.


New Puppy
by: Becky T

Thank you Kathy. It's just kind of day to day.

So sorry!
by: Jean

I am sorry to hear of your loss!

Bringing a puppy into your house should really depend on your other dog. How will your other dog handle it? We made the unfortunate mistake of bringing an Aussie puppy into our house when our other dog was 10 years old. Teddy had a very hard time dealing with the energy of a puppy and he was miserable.

We wish we took Teddy's age and health into consideration over our own need for having another 4 legged friend in our home. If I could do it over again, I would introduce a puppy when Teddy was younger or waited until he passed away.

Best of luck.

New Aussie
by: Kathy

Another option would be to adopt an adult dog..

Lots of nice older Aussies are looking for homes, just check out a site like Petfinder.

The right adult would be more of a companion to your dog, without the puppy energy.

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