Cancer in Australian Shepherds

by Karen
(Ontario, Canada)

We are potentially dealing with cancer in our 7 year old male Aussie (purebred blue merle). Cancerous lump on his right shoulder. Still waiting for an appointment for a second opinion. Does anyone have experience with this, what was done, survival rate etc. My heart is breaking and we want to do the best for him.

Thank you.

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by: marsha bosshold

I can only wish that you found it soon and that the vets are able to bring you little one back to you strong and healthy. We lost two of our dogs to cancer. It seems to be showing up more often. My prayers are with you and your family for the best. I know they are family. Just let him know you love him.

thyroid cancer
by: Deb

We have a Australian Shepherd mix collie, springer blue merle will be 11 in July we were just told he has thyroid cancer I have my doubts he plays runs eats real good no sign his glands are gone down to nothing he's not loosing weight he gained a pound should get a second opinion

by: Anonymous

I had a purebred blue merle (miniature) who died of cancer at age 9. He was otherwise completely healthy, and the time from showing first symptoms until death was 2-3 months. Untreatable cancer that spread into his spine. Extreme pain and immobility, he probably could have lived another couple of months but I put him to sleep out of mercy. Still shocking for such a young healthy dog, very aggressive cancer.

Jenny Z.
by: Anonymous

Dad took aussie; 11 years old, to the vet near by our house. He noticed she had been more lazy than usual. Not energtic. Our vet thought it was cancer when he examined her at the office.

Aussie Cancer
by: Kitty n Texas

Cancer is a sure killer. I lost my beloved best friend too
from nasal carsionoma cancer. At that time I had no idea our babies could get cancer. I have 2 more now and I sure keep a close eye on them and regular vet check ups!
SOOO Important
prayers for your baby <3

Lymphoma cancer
by: Marlene

My Mini Aussie just turned 4 years old. We found a lump under her hip. Took her two days later to the vet. They diagnosed her with lymphoma and it was so aggressive he said she only had 4 to 6 weeks to live. We treated her with steroids and we put her down just last week after we watched our baby become more and more depressed. When she got the shot she had a grand mall seizure. This was the worst thing to watch and if I had to do it again I would have put her down sooner. Totally heartbroken and missing our sweet Ruby. I did look into Kemo and they could not guarantee she would live more than 3 to 4 months.

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Skin Cancer In Aussies

by Karen
(Ontario, Canada)

Our male 7 year old blue merle has been diagnosed with a cancerous lump. Has anyone had experience with this, what was the outcome, survival rate etc? Our heart is broken and we want the best for him. We are going to get a second opinion as well. Apparently, 1/3 of Aussies get some sort of skin cancer.

Thank you.

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by: Tansy's Mom

Reading your post, I got tears. I lost a 6 1/2 year old female blue merl to leukemia (2 years ago.)She had one lump under her front leg. I also have a 12 1/2 year male old black tri from the same bloodlines. At age 7 he had tumors removed but, never tested for cancer. (We didn't want to know.)He has many new tumors so many that we nick named him lumpy. At his age I would never put him through that kind of surgery again. I hope that knowing the fact that our boy is still with us 5 years after removing cancerous looking tumor's and not knowing for sure will give you hope.

Cancer or Fatty Cyst?
by: Anonymous

I was told by my vet after my auss had a few cysts/growths on him. They told me rule of thumb that if you can move it like it floats and doesn't stay in the same place its more than likely a fatty cyst. If you try to move it from the side and you can't budge it then you have something more to worry about. Hope this helps someone out there?

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