Car Sickness And Car Anxiety

by Debra
(Overland Park, Kx.)

My 5 month old Mini Aussie is petrified of the car. The very first ride we shared together he drooled a tremendous amount. In fact, I thought he had thrown up the little bit of water he drank before we left.

He is an amazing little guy and I would like to take him with me when ever I can.

I have tried treats, toys, "spa" music and nothing seems to help. I hope someone knows the answer?

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re:car sickness
by: Kym

My very first aussie was abandoned. He was terrified to ride in the car, and I too wanted to take him with me everywhere. He was SO bad, that as soon as I opened the car door, he would vomit. I spent many hours and many days, just trying to build up his confidence. I started just sitting in the car for a few minutes and gradually working up the time. He too did not take to treats or toys) Then, it was short trips..around the block and then home. Then a couple of blocks (to the convenience store for ice cream) and home. Little by little he learned that it was a great place to be! Seeing different people and things were great. Then he realized that he would much rather be with me ANYWHERE I went than home alone. He was more than happy to go! Also, puppies do tend to get carsick easily but quickly grow out of it. You may also check with your vet about using Dramamine for extreme cases. Good luck with your baby!

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