Car Sickness

by Debbie
(Delaware County)

Bailey Girl

Bailey Girl

Someone told me to try ginger snaps for car sickness... has anyone tried this. I want to be able to take my Aussie on trips this summer with me.

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Car Sickness
by: Marilyn

Mine was the same. Within 5 minutes in the car...sick!
I gave him a childs dose of Gravol (vet will tell you how much, depends on body weight). This worked pretty good. Also try Rescue Remedy, available at most Health Food stores, some pet shops or some vet's. This is good for calmness, which I believe is at the root of the sickness for most anyway.
Good luck!

Front seat
by: Kate's owner

I am a new dog owner of a 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mixed. When we adopted her we were told she gets car sick so I researched this on internet. I read if she sits in the front seat she's less likely to be sick. Our short 4 mile trips have all been front seat (a 55 gallon plastic garbage sack goes over my bucket seat to protect it) and she didn't get sick. We took her on a 7 hour car trip in the back seat and she got sick twice. I'll have to try later that same long trip in the front seat and see if it makes a difference. I read that some dogs with exposure to trips will get sick less and less often and other dogs never do. In the meantime we will bring a car sick clean up kit and keep trying. (lots of paper towels, clean up spray, plenty of plastic bags and towels and water.)

It worked for our Kersey
by: Cathy

Our 5 month old Aussie started getting sick in the car and had excessive drooling. We read about the ginger snaps so we got some "mi-del" Swedish style cookies. We had also read to leave one window (at least) open to release pressure in the car. We gave her 4 ginger snaps about 10 minutes before the car ride. It has worked every time for our pup:)

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