Care For Our Molly, 13 Years And Arthritic

by S Murphy
(Dearborn Michigan)

Molly '09

Molly '09

I have a question. Molly is 13, about 62 lbs, healthy in all aspects except she is, on certain days, barely able to walk. She gets two tablets of Glyco-flex11 each day. That is not helping much anymore. We are leery about any prescription medicine… and most vets. We had a horrible experience with a vet here (MI) who prescribed Rymadal, 75mg, for our Barney (who weighed 35 lbs at the time) and lost him two years ago. We didn't know one iota about dog medications and thought we were helping him. So I'm looking for something to ease Molly's pain that won't kill her. I'm considering ArthroIonX for's advertised as all natural.. We are still reeling over Barney's demise at the hands of "experts" so we are very, very cautious.

Note from Anton: Article about arthritis in dogs here.

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by: Anonymous

a vet by the name of andrew jones has great info

Note from Anton:
The vet you referred to (Dr. Andrew Jones) offers a dog health training course called Veterinary Secrets Revealed. He has also created a dog food supplement to help maintain your dog's nutrition and health. Here are the links:

Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Nutritional Supplement

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