Careless Breeding?

by Maggie

WE spent a LOT of money (over $1,300) from a breeder in Bradenton FL, who specializes in teacup and toy Aussies. We wanted a small toy dog, as I can't lift over 20 lbs. His full-grown size was anticipated to be 6-10 lbs. I ended up with a 25+ 14.5 inch small MINI Aussie with a huge underbite and aggression issues which have put our children at risk, despite extensive training. The breeder said she "would help me if I lived closer." Also that she has never had an aggressive puppy before. Is this responsible breeding? What would a really ethical good breeder do in this situation?

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so sorry to hear this
by: Anonymous

I hate to say this, I don't mean to sound unkind, but you should have done more reearch; by that I mean, when you saw your pup growing and gaining, that should have alerted you that he was NOT going to be a toy. still, you are probably already attached, so the best I could tell you is that you should report that breeder. If you aren't attached(since you mentioned the aggression)I would return him, and demand your money back, if the breeder refuses, threaten to take her to small claims court, or to report her(hopefully, this will scare him/her to giving you back your money, and taking back the dog.); otherwise, you may have to look into some trainer who can help you. I am so sorry, this happened to you. Hopefully, someone else has more advise.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Do you have a contract with the breeder? She should take the pup back if she is responsible. Most likely the pup was not socialized. Did you see the parents? What were their temperaments? The genetics of Aussies are so diversified, it is often difficult to say what the size of a pup will be full grown. My 2 standard Aussies-- both on the large size-- would produce 25 lb full grown offspring. Did the parents have underbites? Unfortunately, they are common in some lines. Irresponsible breeders sometimes breed dogs with serious faults. Somehow, I think you could overlook his underbite if he wasn't showing aggression to your children. If the breeder won't take him back, you might want to contact a dog behaviorist to work with your family. The pup is trying to dominate your children. You can find help. Just make certain that the trainer is not using harsh methods. Good luck.

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