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"Casey 1995-2009"

by Greg Case
(Syracuse, NY)

Casey Case

Casey Case

From the Minute I saw you in that pet store you had my heart. You were the cutest thing I had ever seen. Of course, I knew nothing about owning a dog. I can remember bringing you home when my daughters were very young and you had sooo much energy. At first, I thought I had lost my mind with two young children and a new puppy. But over time you became a major part of all our lives. You were the best companion to our children and never let them out of your site. I can still remember how you would herd them as they played ball in the yard. You the best watchdog anyone could ask for and you never let anyone touch your people without first checking them out. The memories that you left us with will forever be in my heart. I was truly heartbroken when we had to put you asleep. God must have wanted a great dog by his side. I have spent numerous days crying over your loss. Not very Manly of me but you were one of a kind. I have made plans to get another Aussie; in fact he is almost 4 weeks old. He has got huge shoes to fill but I'm sure with your guidance from above he will be great too. You will be forever missed my sweet prince. Rest in peace. We love you Casey Case.

The Case Family

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