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Casey - My Best Friend

by Linda
(West Columbia, SC)

Back in 1995, my son wanted a dog so we went together to look at Australian Shepherds. We had done our homework and knew we would need to spend lots of time with a new puppy (especially an Aussie) and would take the dog to obedience school. Our new addition to the family was eight weeks old. She was born on September 1, 1995. We brought "Casey" home and the training began. We had a couple shaky months on the housetraining but it did not take long for her to realize that the floor was not acceptable and she had to let us know when she wanted to go out. She would come and poke you with her nose and whimper. She breezed through obedience class. She would watch the other dogs and when it was her turn, she performed!

Casey loved the children and our cats. Her best friend was our solid black kitten. They grew up together and Casey grieved when we lost "Mickey".

When Casey was 12 years old, I adopted a deaf Aussie puppy. I knew it would be difficult but the family was going to "put the poor thing" out of her misery. I wondered how Casey would accept a puppy. She took to her like "Bella" was her baby. Taught her how to walk on a leash and would nudge her if she strayed into her path. She let Bella know who was the boss but would groom Bella and showed her love and affection. I think Bella encouraged Casey to stay young and play with her.

At 16 years and 4 months, Casey begin having seizures and had just about lost her sight and hearing. She could not control her bladder and would whimper and cry when she realized she had made the mess. Even though we did not fuss at her, you could tell she was giving up.

She had a large "fat pocket" on her left shoulder that hardened within two days. If you touched it, she would snap at you. The last seizure was really bad and she was so scared. We knew she did not know us and she whimpered and barked for two days straight. I got down as close to her as I could to tell her I loved her and she nuzzled me and then licked me. I honestly believe she was telling me it was alright and time that I let her go. We contacted our vet and I rubbed Casey's nose and ears until I knew she was on her way to Rainbow Bridge to wait for us.

Poor Bella does not understand why her best friend is gone and how do you tell a deaf dog what has happened. I give her lots of attention and love and we both sit and cry. Casey, we miss you terribly and you were the best dog and the entire family misses you. Mom, Dad, Bella, and the cats (3) and children and grandchildren. Tristan misses you and has had a hard time with your death. He was "your" grandson as well for 8 years and I have explained he will also see you again one day. Take care my sweet girl I will always love you.

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Jan 09, 2012
by: Nonnie

I am so sorry! I know you are hurting and I pray for your comfort and that of your Bella.

We lost our toy Aussie, Carly, one week before she was one year old. We did not get near enough time with her. Her death was traumatic and unexplained.

Now we have two Aussies, a mini blue eyed, blue merle named Baiilee Joy and a toy chocolate eyed, black try named Maggie Mae. They are the joy of our life. They are only two and we pray for many many years with them.

If circumstances allow, I hope you will get another Aussie!

Jan 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Oh bless your sweet little angel. Aussies are wonderful, loyal, loving creatures. My heart aches for your loss. I know that feeling. In time your tears and sadness will be replaced with loving memories and funny stories. Also in time... I think Bella would welcome a new baby Aussie in your home. I'll bet you she will do exactly what Casey did for Bella. Aussies are very nurturing. Angie, the Aussie we had when my kids were going up used to nurse our cat's baby kittens when the mommy cat would get tired! Crazy site for sure!!

I guess what I'm saying is... give yourself sometime. It's going to hurt but it will get better. When you're ready share that love again and let Bella share the love Casey showed her. It will be a beautiful site to see.

I'm positive that Casey loved you being her human... just as much as you loved her being your baby dog. <3 <3 <3

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