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Change In Temperament After Spaying

by Patti

Gillie with her brother, Jesse.

Gillie with her brother, Jesse.

I have a three year old Mini Aussie. She had a seizure at 12 weeks and they never determined a cause. Because of that, we were afraid to have her sedated and did not get her spayed. Our new vet is suggesting that we do so now. My concern is that I have read that some female dogs have a change in personality after the surgery... they become more aggressive and less loving. Has anyone had this experience? She already has some food aggression issues that we have under control. I would hate to see her sweet personality change.

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My dog scarlet
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't say mine got more aggressive, but she did get way more energy. That might be because she got older also but way way way more energy. Also mine is a Female, and she humps my leg. A bit weird but that started after she got fixed.

She is loving when she is tired, if she is not tired she listens but is constantly needing attention.

Hope this helps.


Not Much to worry about, I think.
by: Oscar

We had our Aussie spayed around the same age but really haven't noticed too much of a difference. She is still a wiggle butt. She does seem to burn out a little quicker on fast paced exercises though. She also seems to shed a bit more constantly with a little less blowing out during those times a year. She has issues with "sharing" with other dogs but, that hasn't been exacerbated by getting fixed though.

by: RachelAnonymous

We had our Aussie spayed the first time she came in heat because we didn't want puppies. That was almost four yrs ago and she is the sweetest non aggressive baby! we have 9 grandchildren and there has never been 1 time she has ever been less than perfect with them. Now she has gotten very "chunky" and she is very content to lie around the house while we are at work and she is "human"lol she sleeps with us her head on a pillow ect. She never chases the cows, she thinks that is my job! And we wouldn't change a thing about her!

by: Donald

I had my female Aussie spayed at 3 years old and it had no change on her temperament or personality whatsoever.

no change at all so far
by: rochelle

we had our girl spayed just before her first heat (we board her occasionally so we had to). she is almost a year old now and couldn't be better. she is loving (when she wants to be :), energetic, and she plays with other dogs really well. good luck!

Temperament changes
by: Anonymous

My aussie got more aggressive towards other animals. Dislocated our cats hip once by shaking him. He hates puppies and dogs that get in his rear area. He loves people, never aggressive towards people. I feel like I do need to watch him.

by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your input! We still haven't decided for certain but your answers will help us for sure!

Everything seems normal...
by: Rob

We just had our 5.5month old black tri, Zola, desexed. It's only been a few days, but she is virtually the same puppy, only a little bit smoochier.

It's day 3 since the op and she's feeling good enough to want to play fetch and run around... something we can't let her do just yet.

I guess it's still early days, but as far as we can tell, no real change in temperament.

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