Chasing a Frisbee

by J Bolden
(Tallahassee, Fl, US)

Hey, I have a 14 week old male Aussie who doesn't seem interested in chasing a ball or Frisbee. The other two Aussies I had, both female were all about doing both. Maybe I'm not remembering when my other pups learned to do this. Anyway, I was wondering if males develop slower than females with that, or maybe it's just this dog. He does sit, shake, lie down and dead dog, so it's not like he can't be trained. Any ideas?

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Chasing s frisbee
by: Anonymous

Neither of my two Aussies were in the least bit interested in chasing a ball until nearly 2 years old! Now they are both ball/frisbee obsessed and compete in flyball most weekends.

Chasing a Frisbee
by: Anne

Do you still have the other two ausssie girls that did chase the frisbee? I aquired a female and she was totally scared of the frisbee at 1.5 years old. She did learn, by watching my other aussies chase the frisbee, that itr would not hurt her. She is the 1st to get the frisbee now.
Do you have a dog park or a friend with a dog that does chase the frisbee? He will learn from the example of another dog chasing a frisbee. Try that.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Did you happen to read my article on frisbee for It might have some helpful info for you. You can do a search for past articles. Frisbee -- The Game of Champions is the title.

My boys have never liked frisbee as much as my girls. Some Aussies don't naturally retrieve. Most of my girls have been retrieving crazy except for one that I have now who could care less and likes to sleep on her back in my arms. I still love her bunches and wouldn't trade her for the world! The important thing is to find something you like to do together-- agility, rally, obedience or therapy work. Or just being your best buddy.

by: Nonnie

We have two female Aussies. They are half sisters and will be two years old August 23 and September 9.

One is a mini blue-eyed, blue merle Aussie. She is 16" and 30 lbs. She actually quivers all over when she sees the frisbee. She loves chasing it, jumping high to get it, anything involved with the frisbee. She likes balls and other toys that can be thrown also, but frisbee is her favorite.

The other one is a toy brown-eyed, black tri Aussie. She is 13" and 20 lbs. She likes you to think she wants to play frisbee, however, she really just wants you to throw her frisbee so she can run get it, lay down in the grass with it in front of her and eat grass.

If they like frisbee, they like it. If you work hard with one who isn't interested, it would probably enjoy it also.

RE: Frisbee/ball
by: Anonymous

Unfortunatly, not all aussies will fetch a ball, frisbee or anything else. I have owned 6 aussies. NONE of my aussies were fetchers. The closest I got was my current female. She will do it maybe 2 or 3 times, then she looks at me like' If you throw that thing again, your on your own' they just werent interested. Hopefully, with a friend that has one that does, he will learn. You can try putting peanut butter on the frisbee/ball and see if that will strike up his interest. Or start with a 'squeaky' ball.

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