Chasing Cars

by Kathy
(Prescott, AZ, USA)

I have a five month old male Aussie. For the past few weeks while we are out walking, he has developed this urge to run after cars that drive by. I have him on a tether but he is getting stronger by the day.

I'm bringing treats with me when we walk and I'm trying to get him to focus on me me and not the car going by.

Is there a better method to breaking this unwanted and deadly habit?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Chasing Cars
by: Heidi M


I have a 2 yr old Aussie that I adopted at 5 months. With a lot of training she is still our "psycho."

About 6 months ago Beemer started doing the same on leash while on walks. I usually pull over to the grass b/c the cars on our street are idiots. But she started pulling towards them. Now even if we are in our front yard and she is doing her business or just standing (on leash) she pulls me off my feet. So we bring treats on our walks every time. I go several feet up on the lawn of driveway, grab the short handle of the leash, put her in a sit stay as soon as I see any car coming in our direction. She is slowly getting better but you have to be diligent. Do not let her off leash. I used to have a border collie that used to do it. The key is getting safely out of the way, distraction and crazy, happy praise! Good luck.

Chasing Cars
by: TinaMarie

I'm certainly not an expert (I just got my first Aussie) however, I was really afraid when my Aussie started chasing cars at 4 1/2 months (I live on a very busy road). Without much other than a stern no when he made the attempt & lots of praise when he 'thought about' chasing a car but then hesitated...he stopped the behavior completely by the time he was 6 months. Good luck!

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Make sure you work on focus in a less distracting area-- like in the house. Then, have really yummy real meat or cheese treat-- not some crummy plastic stuff from the store. If you use a clicker, this would be the perfect place to use it.

Thanks for the comments!
by: Kathy

Thank you for the comments and suggestions. Wally is really a smart boy and I'm hoping he will grow out of this bad habit. I will remember to bring something special other than the everyday treats he gets when he does his numbers outside.

I will not trust him to be unleashed until I am confident that he won't go after any car.

Crazy Macie!
by: Nervous Mom

Hi all! Thank you for your thoughts- my Aussie is mixed with Border Collie and Whippet, (yup, fast and smart, feel sorry for me! lol!) and ever since we adopted her, she wants to chase everything with wheels...bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. My son is an animal trainer and said to do exactly what you are suggesting... bring treats, distract while they are going by, and praise if it works. Takes sooooooo much time, but it is slowly working!

Car Chasing
by: Anonymous

I have an 8 month old Aussie/Collie mix who has started lunging at cars and barking when walking. He is my fourth Australian Shepherd and I have never had this problem. I use the distraction method and put him in a down position when I see a car coming. It is slowly working but very tedious and exhausting because he is very muscular and strong. He especially wants to go after pick up trucks and big trucks. Anything that makes a lot of noise.

by: Kathy

Update: Wally is 4.5 years old now! The distraction with treats worked. He get excited to see cars because if he is good, he gets a treat! He still freaks out by a car when we are in front of the house or on the driveway. I have faith the in time, that too will pass.

Australian Shepherds And Chasing Cars
by: Dawn Custalow

Hang onto your precious doggy. We just lost our 8 1/2 month old Australian Shepherd to a car accident. When we get another one, we will make sure that she is trained and never off her leash around cars. Save yourself some grief.

chasing cars
by: Sarah

Dawn, so sorry to hear about your dog. This is a huge fear of mine. Our dog was just hit a few weeks ago when he took off chasing a propane truck! He survived, broke his leg. I'm wondering is anyone uses a shock collar? I hate the idea of it but also don't want him to get hit again.

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