Cheeky Miniature Australian Sheperd

by Debbie
(Fernie, BC)

Sadie 8.5 weeks old

Sadie 8.5 weeks old

When I correct my Mini from jumping on me or biting me she barks and tries to nip at my hands. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I should handle this?


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by: Nonnie

You may want to check into obedience classes. A good trainer can give you tips on breaking bad habits before they get a good start. We used "leave it" and gently held their mouth closed; over and over and over again. If it got too rough, we would tap their nose. Our mini and our toy are now 22 months and we enjoy them immensely. Training goes on every day. It is in the way we do everything.

I hope you enjoy your mini. She is sure a cutie. We have a female blue-eyed, mini blue merle, Bailee Joy, and a female brown-eyed, black tri, Maggie Mae. They are more fun than any dog I have ever owned.

We also have a female white Teacup Poodle, Lacey Lou, who is almost 10 years old. And a female white Maltese, Sugar Cookie or Sugar Bear, who is almost nine months old.

Yes we have four dogs and no we don't have lots of land or anything. We just love dogs. We had the poodle first, then fell in love with mini Aussies. The Maltese was a "spur of the moment" decision. We love them all.

Good luck.

Love my Aussie
by: Kathy

Mine also does that. I have had Steele since he was 9 weeks old. He is now 11 months old and still does this at times. We do tell him "no" and he just nips at the air. I never had an Aussie before. They have a mind of their own for sure. I love him will all my heart!

by: Debbie

Thanks for your comments... much appreciated. Sadie is a sweet 5 month old puppy but easily over excited and we are now making her sit and wait for toys, food, etc. This seems to keep her excitement in check so that we don't need to correct so often.

by: Nonnie

I don't know why, but "leave it" seems to work better than "no". We do use NO when they are really in trouble. The key is consistency in obedience, especially when they are still young. Aussies are so intelligent they can learn many commands.

by: Debbie

Me again...

My 6 month old aussie puppy is not getting any better with the biting, lunging and barking at me.
After reading alot of articles on theses dogs I think it may be that two 45 min walks a day, along with playikng fetch in the back yard many times a day is not enough excersise for her.

She is only this way with me as I spend the most time with her and I think she is trying to get my attention to do more.

Does anyone know at what age I can start taking her for short runs. I am thinking of taking her along side my bike at a slow pace. I also have her enrolled in puppy class mostly for the social part...she is super friendly with other dogs and people. I am also going to enroll her in agility but not until August as she is getting spayed early in July.

Can anyone give me some guidance as I have tryed all the methods to stop this behaviour and she seems to escalate when corrected and I am now feeling frustrated.


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