Chewing At Night Or When We Are Away

by Therese

Our 1 year old Aussie is always getting into things and chewing them, either at night when we are sleeping or when we are at work and no one is home. We don't kennel her, she would be really hyper when we kenneled her during the day. We have 2 cats and she would play with the one by dragging him around by the ears. We are having to retrain her not to do this. She gave the cat a hemotoma and had to have drains put in both of his ears. Any suggestions on how to give her something to do when we are gone?

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by: Colin

I have a 2 year old mini Aussie. When he was about a year old he started tearing stuff up. He was bored and I think he didn't appreciate being left alone. He never touches anything of mine but he tears up my son's stuff and my husbands stuff. Because I couldn't train the son and husband to pick up after themselves... and Cayden kept eating their shoes, etc. I decided the crate was the best thing for all involved. At first he didn't like it but now it's not an issue at all. We just tell him to get in his crate and off he trots.

I would strongly suggest you reconsider crating your dog at night and when you're gone... for his safety, your cat's safety and to keep your "stuff unchewed."

Chewing at night
by: Anne

She is still a puppy and teething AND she is bored. NOT crating her is UNSAFE for her, your house and the things in it.
You need to give her more exercise and her own chew toys. Here is a story from my 1st litter...
A lady bought one of the puppies and she would not crate him. He was six months old when he died from suffocating in a cereal box. The plastic bag molded to his face and he could not breath. She took for granted and left the cereal box on the kitchen counter. He had died by the time she got home from work.
Do what is BEST and Safest for your young dog.

by: Melissa

omg - that story about the aussie with the cereal box is so sad! Items that you put on the counter must be put elsewhere - that I don't think ever stops.

You might want to try some doggy daycare. I had Wyatt (my aussie) attend doggy day care while I was at work but I only put him in 3 days a week (I would strongly recommend not doing this all week as he was so exhausted after each day - he crashed in the evenings!) This daycare is in Mt. Horeb, WI. The Dogwoods set on about 5 acres with agility , trails and nannies to work and play with them. He would come home so exhausted from the daycare - it did keep him from getting bored. He was a bit over the top but now at 2 he has calmed down considerably. At the moment I do not have him in daycare for a break as I am staying in a home that does have acreage and alot of room for him to run.

She's bored
by: Anonymous

I have a male 16 months old. He was chewing everything in the house. I lost two kitchen chairs and he ripped one couch. I spoke with few aussies owners and lack of exercises and mental stimulation was driving him to occupy himself with whatever caught his attention. I am not able to walk for hours or jogs, I got a dog walker to take him twice a week for long walks with other dogs, and when I have to be away for long hours I drop him to petsmart daycare. No more chewing things, he comes home happy and tired of herding all his doggies friends, just wants cuddles ,food and sleep. He loves his crate .He knows inside the crate has lots of treats hidden inside his kongs. Now we are happy family...

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