Chewing/Biting Problem

by Vanessa A.
(Rochester, NY)

Indiana, 5 months

Indiana, 5 months

Our six month old Aussie Indiana likes to chew, but it's not on furniture, shoes, etc... it's on mommy & daddy's hand and arm! We have continually tried to get her to replace our body with her chew toys by giving her a toy every time she starts to get chewy with us.

We keep her very active, constantly outside playing and going for walks. She can't possibly be bored! Why can we not break her of this chewing habit of hers? It makes it very difficult to sit down and play with her when every time she ends up in her lap, we end up with her teeth in our arms!

Note from Anton: Daniel Stevens' program deals with dog biting and chewing. Here's the link.

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Out growing the biting
by: Craig

Vanessa, We had the same problem. Our latest Aussie is now 6 months and up until just recently he was always putting an arm or hand in his mouth. In doing this he would sometimes clamp down inadvertently where it would actually hurt. Now we notice that while he still "mouths" us the biting is subsiding to the point where it is more a display of affection more than anything. He is a very obedient and well behaved Aussie and is definitely going to be a handsome and affectionate gentleman. Good luck with Indiana, I'm sure it'll work itself out, these guys are terrific.

Sarasota, FL (formerly Roch., NY)

by: L. Morgan

Hi Vanessa. We have a 13 week old mini Aussie (our first) and he is getting so much better with the chewing/biting. He has lots of chew toys, but if he starts biting arms or fingers, I grab his snout (holding it closed) and say 'no bite'. It does not hurt him, but he does not like it at all! Now, he is starting to listen to 'no bite' without grabbing his nose. Good luck!

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