Cleaning Fur Around Rear Area

by Alex

Everytime my Aussie Shepherd goes #2 there is always some matter remaining on the fur around his rear. What is the best way to keep this area clean?

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by: Debbie

I would say keep your pet groomed back there. If you cant do it yourself take it to a groomer on a regular basis. I haven't had that problem yet. My aussie is only 10 months old.

Dirty butts
by: Anonymous

Debby is right...taking him to a professional groomer is your easiest solution. A groomer will do a "sanitary trim" around the anal area without making him look naked back there. It's standard as a part of grooming.

If you're comfortable using clippers, it's not a difficult task to do yourself once a month. Use a 0 blade and simply go over and across the anal area about a half-inch from the anus. Be very careful not to actually take the fur down to the skin as this can cause discomfort to the dog. Unless you are very experienced, I'd suggest against using scissors--one wrong move by the dog at the wrong time--they often sit quickly when touched in that area--can mean a serious injury.

Best of luck.

A good grooming on a regular basis helps keep coat and skin in good condition and avoids the unpleasantness of having to wipe Fido's butt yourself.

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by: Anonymous

Yes, I agree, keep it short back there, its really easy to do, they are pretty good about grooming.

Re: grooming
by: Anonymous

I used to have a male aussie with a beautiful, full coat and occasionally he would 'get dirty' back there. When taken to the groomer I would request a 'sanitary clip' I do NOT like my aussies shaved even though they are working dogs, but a sanitary clip works great

Washing Aussie butt
by: Wyatt’s Mom

Zero comments on easiest way to "wash Aussie butt." Zero. Of course I can take him to a groomer. It’s icy out and 27* so I’m not going to a groomer today. I suffer serious back pain and wanted the EASIEST WAY TO WASH HIS BUTT. Here’s my choices. A ton of baby wipes and a brush through with Cowboy Magic or give him a complete shower with me even though it’s too cold to let him out until 100% dry. Stooping over tub with his bum backed up to the faucet is not an option for my back. If anyone thinks of a solution I’m all ears. Otherwise we will be in the shower with his sad look lol.

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